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Focusing on Fitness for Aspiring Explorers 

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Focusing on Fitness for Aspiring Explorers 
Focusing on Fitness for Aspiring Explorers 

One of the first things that people think about before travelling is whether their body is up to the task of enduring the journey laid before them. 

In fact, it is such a common worry that many aspiring adventures hesitate before they take the plunge on their dream vacation. And that is such a shame because anyone who loves spending their time outdoors can serve as a good candidate for an adventure tour. 

On the plus side, this hesitancy can come to an end because there are many things you can do to prepare yourself to make your trip more enjoyable. All it takes is a little bit of investment in your overall fitness before you go out on the trail. 

To help you in figuring it out how to prepare yourself, we have consulted professional mountaineers like Yousef Hamed Al Refaie who can be of great assistance in this matter. 

Aside from being a mountaineer, Yousef Hamed Al Refaie is also a highly acclaimed adventurer and explorer who is known to be one of the bests from all over the globe. 

He was the youngest man – the 24th worldwide and first Middle East and Arab – to ever complete the Volcanic Seven Summits Challenge and is currently working towards finishing the Seven Summits and the Seven Deserts of the World. 

For the longest time, Al Refaie has spent many of his years exploring the great outdoors, going on mountaineering experiences that most people probably didn’t have a chance to do. For example, in 2015 he decided to start his mountaineering career on to the Volcanic Seven Summit Challenge with Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. 

Later on, it led to the Elbrus in Russia, Mount Giluwe in the continent of Oceania, the Ojos Del Salado in Chile, Damavand, Iran, and then quite recently it was Sidley, Antarctica – each one serving as a fruitful adventure that he would remember for many more years to come. 

As a professional in the industry, here are a couple of things he has shared with aspiring adventures to help them prepare for outdoor exploration trips that await them. 

Taking the Time to Prepare 

One of things you need to understand before you begin is that it takes time for your body to adjust and get fit. In general, it takes about three weeks to three months before you can see a significant change and improvement in your fitness level. So if you have already booked your flight, the best thing you can do now is to prepare yourself starting now. 

Cardiovascular Fitness is Crucial 

It has been recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine that people should at least be engaged in 150 minutes of aerobic activities a week. These activities include cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, etc. There is also the option of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that you can take to prepare your body for the bursts of strength you will be needing throughout the trip. 

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