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Badminton Rackets: 7 Popular badminton rackets for kids and adults; Top choices from Cosco, Yonex, Li-Ning, Feroc, etc | Most Searched Products

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Enjoying badminton is a excellent weekend activity that a whole lot of people today are likely to delight in with their friends and household. For this, you need to have great top quality badminton rackets. Normally, top rated-notch badminton rackets show substantial general performance, exceptional grip, long lasting design, and outstanding vibrations resistance. Also, these badminton rackets are perfect for inexperienced persons and intermediate-degree gamers, producing these befitting for relaxed gameplay. Appreciated for their light-weight and pleasing style, these badminton rackets will undoubtedly enable you to enjoy speedy photographs with ease and balance.

So, if you are on the lookout for well-known badminton rackets, choose a look at some of the best types offered on the web in India:

7 Popular badminton rackets from Yonex, Cosco, Ni-Ling, and so forth


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Check out out this stylish and effective Cosco badminton racket that arrives in a pack of 2 pieces. This badminton racket will come with a 3 ¼ inches grip measurement and is created making use of high quality-grade metal. Durable in mother nature, this badminton racket is accessible in the 68 x 23 x 2.8 cm dimension and weighs all around 280 grams. Offered with a headcover, this badminton racket comes with a secure aluminum body.
Price tag: Rs 499.

Acquire this strong badminton racket from Yonex that is designed making use of high-high-quality graphite and will come with a grip size of S4. The available badminton racket is appreciated for its Nanoscience technological innovation that makes sure an unparalleled repulsion energy. Together with this, the supplied badminton racket is extremely-gentle in body weight and is outstanding for pace photographs. Identified for its terrific maneuverability without compromising on electricity, this badminton racket is obtainable with an isometric head.
Selling price: Rs 1,599.

Get this great badminton racket from Li-Ning that comes with a comprehensive deal with. The supplied badminton racket is created using high-high-quality carbon fiber and weighs close to 79 grams. Moreover, this racket arrives with a stabilized elastic shaft and is regarded for its large energy, remarkable modulus, fantastic elasticity, and toughness. Appreciated for its superb rigidity, this badminton racket will come in the 55.9 x 50.8 x 55.9 cm dimension.
Price tag: Rs 1,799.

Really do not skip this awesome badminton racket from Feroc that will come with 2 shuttlecocks. Out there in a established of 2, this badminton racket is created working with A-Alright aluminum and is an fantastic obtain option for newbies and intermediate gamers. This badminton racket is regarded for its capabilities like substantial energy, lengthy shelf existence, responsible overall performance, lightweight, strong grip, and impeccable influence absorption.
Price tag: Rs 475.

Purchase this stupendous badminton racket from Young that comes in a black/yellow colour blend. This badminton racket has a grip sizing of 3 ¼ inches and is versed with a versatile shaft. In addition to this, the supplied badminton racket has a balance point at 290+5mm that permits for a fast swing, prompt enjoy, and substantial racket velocity. Designed using 100{265da7b4faeeec61aa0f093b9aa6b4a52aeb9060d20ae400509a3dcbd715df6e} higher modulus graphite, this badminton racket is light-weight and reveals vibrational resistance, great overall performance, higher elasticity, and sturdiness.
Cost: Rs 1,999.

SUNSTONE delivers you these 4 items of badminton rackets that are obtainable with 6 feather shuttlecocks. Created employing major-notch alloy steel, this badminton racket has a grip dimension of 6 inches and is perfect for inexperienced persons. Accessible with an oval-shaped head, this badminton racket comes in the 67 x 20 x 3 cm dimension and weighs close to 800 grams.
Rate: Rs 749.

Check out this established of 2 badminton rackets from Silver’s that has a body manufactured making use of high quality-quality aluminum. The available badminton racket is out there in the 68.6 x 25 x 11 cm dimension and weighs all-around 196 grams. Alongside with this, the presented merchandise is recognised for its superior efficiency, tough construction, great steadiness, and reliability.
Price tag: Rs 529.

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