July 20, 2024


Day With badminton

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I started as young as you can be as an athlete…

At the age of three, I started skiing and every other sport you could put a toddler in there I was.

I was the only girl growing up in my neighborhood of eight boys including my brother and we played every sport imaginable all day.

I remember my father timing my brother and I racing laps around the house.

My goal was to play basketball in college but with injuries and my dream to go to a big D1 school I decided to go to Colorado university and forget playing basketball at a professional level and put my skiing in my front seat.

After college I became a ski coach in Vermont where I was the only female freestyle skiers.

This led me to being recruited to Woodward Tahoe where I met my husband who was the BMX pro there.

No surprise to anyone, I found someone who loved sports and competing just as much as me.

Competitions and sports have always been my passion and part of my life.

Even now in my mid-30s I’m learning new ways of training, finding new ways to push my body, and in better shape than I ever thought was possible at my age.

I’m always up for a challenge whether it be from my husband who tries to get me on a bike going off of jumps, someone saying I won’t jump that cliff, or my brother who wants to do a tough mudder.

If there’s competition, I’ll be there.

There’s a special feeling when a man thinks he can do better at something athletic than you because you are a female, then being able to show him up – now that holds a special place within me that I will never not love.

I love a challenge and I don’t mind failing as long as I know I’m putting my all into it.

Sports and pushing yourself is what I’ve known my whole life.

I don’t know where I would be without it- if I had to describe myself in one word it would be an athlete.

(Jaimee Lounello Rubio)

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