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Korea Open 2022 HIGHLIGHTS: Sindhu, Srikanth lose in semifinals

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Welcome to the Sportstar Highlights of the Korea Open men’s and women’s semifinal. This was Nigamanth taking you through as the action unfurls. 

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Kidambi Srikanth 19 16
Jonatan Christie 21 21


Disappointing outing for the Indian Shuttlers and their fans as both P V Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth are knocked out of the tournament.

19-21, 16-21 HE HAS DONE IT! JONATAN ENTERS KOREA OPEN ME’S SINGLES FINAL. An unsure lob from Srikanth and Jonatan places it perfectly near the baseline. Looking back at how things went, Srikanth was outsmarted in every other way by Jonatan and the result speaks for itself. The game could have ended differently if Srikanth had played a tad bit cautiously.

19-21, 15-20 Five match points. Semifinal spot is within an arms reach for the Indonesian

19-21, 15-19 WHAT A RALLY! Jonatan had the chance to finish it off but has missed the shuttle.

19-21, 14-19 vital points for Jonatan. Srikanth is repeating what he did in the first game. let hismomentum slip away in the final moments of the game

19-21, 14-16 Jonatan gives Srikanth a taste of his own medicine. Marvellous smash from the Indonesian and the Indian is left searching for the shuttle

19-21, 14-15 Srikanth cannot afford these kind of faults. He had the momentum but has let it slip with two widely placed shots

19-21, 14-14 Srikanth puts the shuttle well wide off the sidelines

19-21, 14-13 Srikanth has the lead for the first time this game and boy what a rally. He has really picked it up since the interval. Yet another smash, yet another point. Srikanth has pulled off some very good points recently

19-21, 12-13 Superb smash from Srikanth. Hops up high and puts the shuttle out of reach of Jonatan. Good quality badminton from both the stars

19-21, 11-12 There has been a momentum shift here. Srikanth has three consecutive points and every one of them came from open play. No errors. Encouragementh for the Indian from the crwd

19-21, 8-12 Brilliant smash yet again from Jonatan. Srikanth does the same, lobs the shuttle but not high enough to trouble the Indonesian

19-21, 8-11 Srikanth lobs the shuttle but there isn’t enough elevation and Jonatan Capitalises. Hit a ruthless smash to the right, just out of reach of Srikanth. Goes into the mid game break with a 2 point lead

19-21, 8-10 Extraordinary! Fantastic defense from Srikanth and an even better follow up. Truly deserved the point.

19-21 7-9 Srikanth pulled one back but is quickly outsmarted by Jonatan as he plays an excellent cross court smash which leaves Srikanth surprised

19-21, 6-8 There’s another! Srikanth is riddled with errors this game. Finds the net yet again and gifts a point to the Indonesian

19-21, 5-7 What a smash! Srikanth with a sublime shot which cramped Jonatan who in turn finds the net

19-21, 3-7 This is not the frst time that Srikanth has found the net. If he doesn’t learn to overcome this quickly, it could have adverse consequences. Yet another error as Srikanth puts the shuttle wide. Amateur stuff!

19-21, 3-4 Jonatan gets a point and the crowd goes crazy. The Indonesian has a considerable amount of backing from the spectators. 

19-21, 2-3 Srikanth finally gets a point as Jonatan buries the shuttle on the net, make it two for Srikanth

19-21, 0-3 Perfect! The kind of start that jonatan would have expected. Hattrick points

19-21 Srikanth pulled one back with a well placed drive but Jonatan turned it up a gear. Perfectly executed lob which lands exactly on the baseline. The game was evenly poised but Jonatan wins it right at the end!

18-20 Lead at a crucial point. Over head smash from Jonatan towards the right of Srikanth who is cramped for space. Game point for the Indonesian

18-18 Drama right towards the end of the 1st game. Jonatan held his nerve and has pocketed an important point here

18-17 An excellent slice  from Srikanth who drops the shuttle just out of Jonatan’s reach. Banger!

17-17 What a defense this from the Indonesian. Dives to his right and defends a smash off Srikanth and returns with ease to pocket a point

17-16 Unsuccessful challenge by Srikanth as his shuttle goes past Jonatan and lands beyond the back alley

16-15 That is an exact replica of the last shot from Srikanth. But this time the result is different. Perfectly placed smash which hits Jonatan’s frame of the racket and eventually goes down

15-15 Srikanth jumps and attempts a smash but has played the shuttle on to the net.

15-13 Srikanth makes his shuttle speak. Wonderful drop and an even better drive from the Indian to take two points

13-13 Just a point difference between the two. Scores level. Similar kind of play from both the players. Jonatan is with some amazing techniques and Srikanth has matched him so far

11-11 The Indonesian looks more determined after the mid game interval. Three points on the trot. This one comes off with an error from Srikanth who puts the shuttle beyond the back alley

11-10 Jonatan makes Srikanth sweat smashing the shuttle all over eventually collecting two points

11-8 Jonatan challenge is unsuccessful. Brilliant overhead shot from Srikanth which landed exactly on the sidelines . Srikanth goes into the interval with a three point advantage

10-8 Back to back drops from Srikanth and they paid off too. Jonatan finds the net this time. 2 point advantage for the indian

9-8 A long rally between the two but the point goes to the Indonesian as Srikanth smashes the bird on the net 

8-6 Confident rallies from the Indian. Two quick points, one off Jonatan’s error and one off a well placed drive

6-6 crucial couple of points here for Jonatan. broke Srikanth’s momentum with a powerful smash which left Srikanth Stunned

6-4 Srikanth forces Jonatan to put the shuttle wide. delightful lob from the Indian

5-4 Great movement from Jonatan, Srikanth made him run and he didn’t flinch. Good temprament

5-3 Jonatan anticipated Srikanth’s smash and defended with ease to take a point back

4-2 Three points on the trot for the former World No.1. Beautiful cross court smash which leaves Jonatan diving

1-2 A overhead shot with great precision. Srikanth misjudges it and loses a point 

1-1 Srikanth levels it as Jonatan puts the bird wide to his right

Srikanth 0-1 Jonatan Great start for the Indonesian as he places a perfect drop


Toss: Jonatan wins the toss and has chosen the right court. Srikanth will serve first.

A rematch of the Swiss Open semifinal. Srikanth will hope for a different result today!

Head-to-head: Kidambi Srikanth and Jonatan Christie are tied at 4-4 in their head-to-head. The Indonesian edged Srikanth 18-21, 21-7, 21-13 in their most recent clash in the semifinals of the Swiss Open last month.

Don’t go just yet, we will also be covering the men’s singles semifinal between Kidambi Srikanth and Jonatan Christie.

PV Sindhu 14 21
An Seyoung 17 21


14-21, 17-21 AND THAT IS IT! An Seyoung gets the final point through a well placed smash and has booked a spot in the Women’s single final of the Korea Open. Thats four out of four versus Sindhu. An Seyoung has got the better of Sindhu on all four occasions now. Sensational stuff from the 20-year old.

14-21, 17-20 Match point here. An Seyoung has been brilliant throughout. Times her drop to perfection. Sindhu was gaining momentum but An Seyoung has replied appropriately.

14-21, 17-18 Hattrick of points for the Swiss champ. Pressure on An Seyoung. An overhead shot from Sindhu to take another point.

14-21, 16-18 Two crucial points for sindhu as she forces An Seyoung to yet another error.

14-21, 15-18 This is problematic here for Sindhu. An Seyoung is slowly chipping away and Sindhu trials by 3 points.

14-21, 14-17 Another good cross court smash from the Korean. Sindhu dives but it is of no help as the shuttle lands just out of her reach

14-21, 13-15 Just when Sindhu looked as of she was into the match, An Seyoung does this. Delightful smash that’s out of reach of Sindhu’s racket

14-21, 12-14 Two very useful points here for Sindhu. One comes off a beautiful drive and the other is because An Seyoung hits the shuttle on the net

14-21, 10-13 32 shots this one. This game is lightning quick. Amazing back and fourth from both but Sindhu gets a point through a drop

14-21, 9-13 A hard fought point for the Korean. Those hands are mighty quick! Defended a smash off Sindhu and gave it back to get a point

14-21, 9-11 An Seyoung is still on top. Goes into the interval with a 2 point advantage. Not much but it’s still a lead. Sindhu has definitely boosted her game but An Seyoung is looking lethal

14-21, 9-10 A 30 shot rally that goes An Seyoung’s way as she forces Sindhu to stretch off a drive but it is unreachable. Well deserved point

14-21, 9-9 This set is going down the wire. Beautiful display of skills from both the athletes. Attempted shot from Sindhu but lands wide.

14-21, 8-8 An Seyoung’s review is unsuccessful as the bird lands beyond the back alley. Scores level

14-21, 7-8 Sindhu is cramped for space as An Seyoung deploys a powerful smash off a slow lob from Sindhu. 

14-21, 6-6 Amazing temprament from An Seyoung. An overhead shot to seal the deal. Good work

14-21, 6-5 An Seyoung was in a very good position to smash the shuttle but has missed her mark and puts the bird wide. Sindhu is looking much more dangerous than the first set.  Her drops and smashes have been on point

14-21, 3-4 The Korean has managed to pull three points on the trot. My god, her skills are unreal. Sindhu lobs the shuttle to An Seyoung and she hits a well controlled smash to pocket a point

14-21, 2-3 An Seyoung gets her point as Sindhu puts the Shuttle wide.

14-21, 0-3 Brilliant cross court smash from Sindhu. The next point comes off a well timed drop

14-21, 1-0 For the first time in the game, Sindhu has the lead over An Seyoung.

2nd game begins

14-21 And that is it! An Seyoung wins the first game comfortably. The point came off the longest rally of the match. Sindhu has done quite a few errors in this set and will have to rectify those quickly to get on top of this 20-year old prodigy.

12-20 Eight game points and this set looks like it belongs to An Seyoung. Sindhu is currently all over the place, unable to reply to what the Korean is offering

12-17 Consecutive points for the Indian, a rare sight in today’s game. But the deficit is still 5 points

10-16 Sindhu tries to lob the shuttle but the height isn’t there and An Seyoung capitalises, her smash goes out of Sindhu’s reach

9-15 Two quick points from the third seed but An Seyoung has replied in style! Sindhu’s smash- defended and a powerful smash to take one point

7-14 The lead is 7 points now. An Seyoung is steadily chipping away points off Sindhu. Both the players offer drops and An Seyoung comes on top

7-13 Brilliant from An Seyoung. The range of shots is manifold! The dive, the smash, the defense; she’s got it all. Not even breaking a sweat here. The crowd is behind Sindhu but the match is going the opposite way

7-11 Superb display of defense and smashes from Sindhu. Gets a point with a stellar smash that lands exactly on the side alley border.

6-11 An Seyoung goes into the interval with a healthy 5 point lead over. Sindhu has let the momentum slip and is paying the price.

6-9 Both the stars exchange points via short rallies. Sindhu with a point through an overhead shot and An Seyoung gets one back with a beautiful drop

4-8  Now that is effortless from the Korean international. Made the Indian run left and right and made it difficult for her to pick the shuttle. Game on!

4-7 Three points on the trot for the Swiss Open champ. A superb cross court smash to seal the point.

3-7 The first actual point that Sindhu has got this game. The other two were out of errors from An Seyoung. The deficit is reduced to 4 points.

2-7 Sindhu pulls one back as An Seyoung puts the shuttle wide. Still a long way to go for the Indian.

1-7 Sindhu is getting smashed all over the court now. That was a brilliant dive from An Seyoung and that is a well deserved point. Sublime stuff

1-4 Beautiful rally from both the athletes. Sindhu made An Seyoung stretch but eventually drops the bird on Sindhu’s court. Amazing control!

Sindhu 0-2 An Seyoung A very good start for An Seyoung. A fantastic back and fourth between the two but the Korean came out on top.

And the semifinal begins!!

The players have made their way into the middle and it’s about time to witness these powerhouses take on each other!

Toss: Sindhu has won the toss and asked An Seyoung to serve.

Now, we wait for the blockbuster of a match. The replay of the World tour final, P V Sindhu vs An Se-young.

In other news, Malasysia’s Tan and Lai beat Indonesia’s Rivaldy and Mentari in a closely contested match. The deciding set went down the wire butthe Malaysian pair pulled it off in the end with a 21-14, 22-20 win.

Head to head: Sindhu and An Se-young have faced each other on three occasions and it’s one way traffic in favour of the Korean. She has beaten the Indian on all three meetings.



Top Indian shuttlers P V Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth progressed to the semifinals of the Korea Open Super 500 badminton tournament with contrasting wins here on Friday.

Third seed Sindhu, a two-time Olympic medallist, notched up her 17th win over familiar foe Thailand’s Busanan Ongbamrungphan 21-10 21-16 in the women’s singles quarterfinals.

Korea Open: Sindhu, Srikanth enter quarterfinal; Malvika, Lakshya bow out

She will face second seeded Korean An Seyoung in the semifinal.

In a battle between two former world number ones, it was World Championships silver medallist Srikanth, who rode on his power and precision to outwit local hope Son Wan Ho 21-12 18-21 21-12 in a men’s singles quarterfinal match that lasted just over an hour.

Srikanth had a 4-7 record against the Korean, having lost to him on last three occasions.

However, the Indian played better badminton on Friday to come up trumps against an opponent, who is coming back to international badminton after a two-year hiatus.

The Indian, seeded fifth, will next face the winner of the match between Thailand’s eighth seed, Kunlavut Vitidsarn and third seed Jonatan Christie of Indonesia.

In women’s singles, Sindhu had no issues in disposing off Busanan, whom she had beaten at Swiss Open final last month. The Thai lead 5-2 in the opening game but after that it was a Sindhu show as she kept the match under her tight grip.

Leading 11-7, Sindhu produced an eight-point burst to pull away from the Thai and grab the lead in the match.

Things were similar after the change of sides as Sindhu held a 8-2 lead and kept moving ahead as the Thai crumbled.

In men’s singles, Srikanth showed better control as he dominated the short rallies to move to a comfortable 11-6 lead at the first interval and though Son Wan Ho made it 12-14, the Indian soon changed gears to walk away with the first game.

Korea Open: Sindhu, Srikanth sail into second round

The Korean came back strongly in the second game, opening up a 10-7 lead but Srikanth moved ahead to 13-11. An alert Son Wan Ho didn’t let the game slip away and soon charged ahead to take it to the decider.

Srikanth made a rollicking 4-0 start in the decider but unforced errors allowed the Korean to make it 4-6. The Indian changed the pace with some quick attacking returns and his precision earned him returns. Srikanth managed a 11-7 lead at the interval.

A barrage of attacking shots kept Srikanth in the hunt as he extended his lead to 16-10. A precision return eventually got him to eight match points and he sealed it when Son Won Ho hit the net.

Where to watch?

The Korea Open semifinal between P V Sindhu and An se-Young will be live telecast on History TV 18 HD and can be live streamed on Voot Select.

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