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Phillies World Series Game 4 could be a record-breaking ticket

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The Phillies World Series Game 4 could be the hottest ticket in baseball in a long time with Philadelphia going all out for the chance to win a title.

The city of Philadelphia is hyped for the World Series and there’s data to prove it.

Tickets for the series between the Phillies and the Astros are high, but in Philadelphia they’re off the charts.

According to VividSeats, the average price for a ticket to Game 3 is a whopping $1,626. That’s more than double the average price for a ticket to Game 1 or 2 in Houston.

And Game 4 is even more pricey. Just to get in the door, Game 4 will run fans $1,149. The average price is $1,836. A ticket behind home plate could cost someone $7,104.

Both Game 3 and 4 are the most expensive for a World Series game since 2016’s home games at Wrigley Field.

Phillies World Series Game 4 is hottest ticket in years

If the Phillies and Astros make it to Game 5, the average price for a ticket to that potentially World Series-clinching game is $2,002.

Here are the average prices for each guaranteed game of the World Series from VividSeats:

  • Game 1 in Houston: $726
  • Game 2 in Houston: $805
  • Game 3 in Philadelphia: $1,626
  • Game 4 in Philadelphia: $1,837

Those prices just go to show how important this World Series appearance is to Phillies Nation. Few would have expected them to make it this far in the playoffs but the heroics of Bryce Harper and the power-hitting of Rhys Hoskins have made the difference.

They made it through the Cardinals, Braves and Padres. The ultimate test comes agains the Astros.

Game 1 is coming up on Friday, Oct. 28 from Minute Maid Park in Houston with Game 2 following on Saturday.

The Phillies will hope Halloween is nightmarish for the Astros with Game 3 falling on the spooky holiday.

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