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Top 6 Bitcoin Games to Play in 2022

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Top 6 Bitcoin Games to Play in 2022

It’s no exaggeration to say that a crypto game is exactly what it sounds like. To put it another way, playing these games will net you digital goods that can be sold for real money. A lot of people are interested in investing in the blockchain gaming industry right now and seeking the best bitcoin game.

If the prospect of earning while having fun appeals to you, consider these 5 top-tier crypto games.

1. Rollercoin – online bitcoin mining simulator

You may play Rollercoin bitcoin game by yourself or with pals, and you can still mine virtual coins and cash them in. You may play Rollercoin bitcoin game by yourself or with pals, and you can still mine virtual coins and cash them in. You may win crypto in RollerCoin (read here more), and miine RollerToken inside game token. Rollercoin is a 100% legitimate cryptocurrency, despite its rather implausible name. All you have to do to get that out of this cryptogame is create a character and start playing.

In Rollercoin, you may play against real people, level up your characters, embark on quests, and win real Satoshi. Both cashing out and reinvesting in the game are options.

RollerCoin.com is a browser mining simulator to get free bitcoins online

The miner update is the latest addition to RollerCoin. The potential to increase your miners’ production rate is now in your hands. First, let’s speak about the rudimentary miners: you may buy them in pieces and improve their mining capability. You may either pay for them with Rollertokens or earn them for free by playing a few fast games. That’s why this game is in first place among the top bitcoin games.

2. Lucky Block

It’s no secret that Lucky Block is a cutting-edge crypto-gaming platform that gives players an excellent opportunity to win impressive rewards. Since its inception, the Lucky Block platform has been designed to be both open and equitable, setting it apart from other, more antiquated methods.

Lucky Block’s enticing contests are a big part of the platform’s allure. The Lamborghini is up for grabs for all Platinum Roller Club NFT holders at Lucky Block, for instance. When all NFTs are purchased, a random holder is chosen as the winner. But that’s not all.

A $1,000,000 mansion, $1,000,000 in Bitcoin, a BAYC NFT, and a 5-day luxury vacation are just some of the amazing prizes being offered in the latest round of NFT collections that Lucky Block has released.

3. Tamadoge

Source: alphablocs.com

Tamadoge, the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) cryptocurrency game, has recently seen a surge in interest due to the listing of many new tokens.

Inspired by the success of the doge meme, the developers of the new play-to-earn crypto game Tamadoge have created a new cryptocurrency. In this game, users may create their very own NFT doge and watch it develop from a young pup into a full-grown adult canine companion. It’s up to you to nurture your doge as it develops to bring forth its unique combination of strengths and weaknesses and randomized statistics.

After your doge becomes an adult, it’s game on. Tamadoge is a turn-based battleground where players may spend their doge NFTs. Those that perform well in-game will rise in the leaderboards and earn TAMA cash for their efforts.

4. Calvaria

Source: icodrops.com

Cryptocurrency card battlers are ubiquitous, but nothing exactly like Calvaria exists on the blockchain. This game aims to be as accessible as possible by providing both a Play-to-Earn and a Free-to-Play option, setting it apart from similar offerings on the market. These also include gamers with little crypto knowledge. The game may be played on PC, as well as on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

The world of Calvaria takes place in the afterlife, where many groups vie for control. The fantastic character designs showcase how each group operates with its own goals and aesthetics. Not everyone is interested in the competitive element of a game, so the developers recognized this and included a narrative mode as another means of making the project accessible. There is zero entry barrier, since neither purchasing nor installing wallets are required to participate.

5. SX Bet

SX Bet is the biggest blockchain betting market in terms of volume and user base, despite the fact that it is not really a game. Since its launch, the prediction market website has tallied more than $235 million in wagers.

Similar to a sportsbook, members of a Prediction market site may both take and make wagers. With SX Bet, however, the player is the banker. In fact, “Don’t simply beat the house, Own the House” is SX Bet’s motto.

The platform is based on the Polygon network, and it seeks to return control to its players by eliminating the need for deposits and providing quick payments.

6. Axie Infinity

Source: chaindebrief.com

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency-related play-to-earn games is Axie Infinity. As of the beginning of January 2022, the game averaged somewhere about 2.7 million DAUs. Despite the fact that profits on Axie Infinity decreased beginning in 2022, the game nevertheless maintained a daily user base of almost 800,000.

Axie Infinity, a metaverse launched on the Ethereum blockchain by Sky mavis in March 2018, is a place where people may have fun and also make money. Users on Axie Infinity gather digital NFT pets that may be bred, trained, and fought against other players for in-game currency, much like the Pokemon games of yore.

Players square off in a head-to-head 3v3 Axie Infinity duel. This battle pits two pet monster owners against one another in a turn-based action game to determine who has the superior pet.

This list can be extended, and new bitcoin games added, but at the moment this is its best option.

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