April 16, 2024


Day With badminton

Women renew friendships on the pickleball court

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The pickleball ladies are, from left, Linda Cook, Joanne Quillen, Stacey Fair, Kathy Crew, Gale Podnar and Sandi Tompkins.

What do you do when you retire, nevertheless continue to want to socialize with men and women and get in some very good, nutritious workout? A single option is to play pickleball. According to the Usa Pickleball website, the video game was made in 1965 by a few males on Bainbridge Island, Washington, whose family members complained that “there was almost nothing to do.” Joel Pritchard, congressman from Washington Point out, and Monthly bill Bell, a successful businessman, improvised the sport on an previous tennis court docket on their assets, setting up with previous badminton rackets, then switching to ping pong paddles, making use of a perforated plastic ball to hit back again and forth. Their friend, Barney McCallum, was invited to play the next weekend, and the 3 men developed rules for the game, relying closely on the procedures of badminton. Their purpose was to locate a game that the entire loved ones could play jointly.

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