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10 things to know about Para badminton

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The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Video games could not arrive any faster for athletes in Para badminton. For a lot of, they have been ready given that 2015, when the Intercontinental Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced the sports inclusion in Tokyo. Now, they have much less than 100 times to go. 

1. Badminton is just one of two sports earning its Paralympic debut at Tokyo 2020. The other activity is taekwondo.


2. Athletes are positioned into six sport courses (two wheelchair lessons and 4 standing lessons) in a system identified as classification to assure fairness in competitiveness. Wheelchair athletes are classified into WH 1 and WH 2 standing athletes with a decreased impairment in SL 3 and SL 4, and higher impairment SU 5, and shorter stature SH 6.

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3. The activity will aspect 90 athletes (46 gentlemen and 44 women of all ages) competing throughout 14 medal gatherings:

•    Singles WH 1 (Males/Women)
•    Singles WH 2 (Men/Girls)
•    Singles SL 3 (Men)
•    Singles SL 4 (Guys/Ladies)
•    Singles SU 5 (Guys/Women)
•    Singles SH 6 (Adult males)
•    Doubles WH (Men/Females)
•    Doubles SL/SU (Women/Mixed)

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4. Most guidelines are the similar as the equipped-bodied version, with all activities making use of a “best of three games” format, every of 21 points. Every single time there is a serve, a issue is scored. The aspect profitable a rally serves in the next stage. At 20 all, the facet which gains a 2 stage direct initially, wins that recreation. If the match is 29 all, the side scoring the 30th level wins the activity.

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5. All singles wheelchair functions and a person standing class with a lower limb impairment (SL 3) use 50 percent the courtroom. Doubles use the complete court docket, aside from the segment near to the net. 

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6. Levels of competition wheelchairs include a range of modifications to help gamers. A lower backrest is employed to keep away from interference with a player’s motion. In addition, added caster-wheels added to the rear of the wheelchair prevent it overturning when the player reaches backwards to strike the shuttlecock.

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7.  The very first Environment Championships had been staged in the Netherlands in 1998. Due to the fact then, 11 a lot more editions were held, with the latest in 2019 in Basel, Switzerland. They choose position each individual two years.


8. The top of the net is the exact for all classes and stands at 1.55m, exact same as in Olympic badminton.  

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9. The shuttlecock is a piece of cork covered in goat pores and skin with 16 goose feathers hooked up to a single finish. It can also be designed of synthetic resources. It can get to speeds of up to 300km/h.

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10. When tuning into Para badminton, it can aid to know some of the terminology:

Distinct – a significant, deep shot to push the opponent to the again of the court docket.

Drop – a shot that hardly clears the web.

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Raise – generic expression for an upward shot.

Net – a shot from the forecourt that just clears the net.

Smash – an overhead, effective attacking shot.

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