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How to Play Badminton – Rules, scoring, equipment, Olympics guidelines

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The badminton tournaments at the Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to consider place between 24 July and 2 August 2021. A whole of 172 athletes will contend in 5 gatherings: men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles, and blended doubles. Badminton will serve as a chief attraction for India at the Tokyo Olympics, afterall, the state has secured two medals in two consecutive Olympics – Bronze in London 2012 and Silver in Rio 2016.

The sport of badminton is played in two diverse orders, ‘singles’ and ‘doubles’. ‘Singles’ is a face-off concerning two gamers, whereas, ‘doubles’, involve 4, that means two gamers for every staff. The principles change for singles and doubles structure of badminton.

What gear is essential to engage in badminton?

Considering that badminton is a racquet sport, it requires a badminton racquet. Not like other racquet online games like squash or tennis badminton does not use a ball. It is performed with a feathered projectile, which is identified as a shuttlecock.

How to provide in badminton?

To start off, the human being who is in a placement to do service has to strike the shuttlecock with his racquet from the proper-hand aspect of the courtroom, to the opponents’ side (diagonally throughout), and if the opponent receives it with his racket and delivers it back to the servers side, it is mentioned that they have engaged in a rally.

How a shuttlecock is served (Resource: Paul Stewart Badminton)

In the procedure of a services, the player is meant to hold the shaft and the head of the racket in a downward place, whilst in make contact with with the shuttlecock. And he is to have some portion of his toes in call with the courts surface. Even though in get hold of with the racket through a provider, the whole shuttlecock really should be taken care of below an imaginary midsection degree (under the least expensive rib) of the server.

How to perform badminton?

  • A game commences with a coin toss. The winner receives to come to a decision no matter whether they would provide or obtain to start with OR what facet of the courtroom they want to be on. The aspect getting rid of the toss shall then exercise the remaining preference.
  • A player need to not contact the web, with his racquet or his/her physique
  • A serve ought to be done crosscourt (diagonally).
  • For the duration of the service, a player must not contact any of the traces of the courtroom, until eventually the server strikes the shuttlecock. In the course of the serve, the shuttlecock should constantly be hit from below the midsection.
  • A position is additional to a player’s score is and when he wins a rally.
  • A player wins a rally when he strikes the shuttlecock and it touches the floor of the opponent’s side of the court or when the opponent commits a fault. The most widespread type of fault is when a player fails to strike the shuttlecock over the net or it lands outdoors the boundary of the courtroom.
  • Each and every facet can strike the shuttlecock only after ahead of it passes in excess of the web. The moment hit, a participant won’t be able to strike the shuttlecock in a new movement or shot.
  • The shuttlecock hitting the ceiling, is counted as a fault.

Badminton court docket proportions

The future concern to consider is, “What are marked parts?”. A conventional badminton court docket has a size of 13.40m (44 ft), with its width at 6.1m (20 ft) in a doubles fixture, and restricted to 5.18m (17 ft) in a singles fixture. From a visible comprehending, you can see that a hung web, at the centre, separates the courtroom into two halves, measuring 6.7m (22 ft) every. The web is proportionately aligned to be at 1.55m (5ft 1 in) in top at the finishes, and leaning to 1.52 (5ft) at the center. Midst of a rally, a player is expected to not entertain any type of speak to with the web, neither with his human body nor his racket. If the participant transpires to be in make contact with, the opposition shall be awarded a point, in default, by character.

Even more, a vertical division allocates four provider courts to the sport, each and every carrying a size of 3.96m (13ft) and width of 2.59 (8.5 ft), by means of which the participant/gamers transits during companies. To the very last bit of it, ‘service lines’ dictate the quadrants within just which a person has to complete the services, and supply the shuttlecock following the assistance. There are two strains, a ‘short service’ line, marked at 1.98m (6.5 ft) from the web, and a ‘long service’ line .76m (2.5 ft) in from the baseline.

As pointed out earlier mentioned, the rule gives that, 1, in a singles aggressive sample, has to conduct a service, inside of his serving quadrant, and the shuttlecock has to be displaced (served) further than the shorter assistance line and inside of the boundary line, into the quadrant diagonal to the server. While, in a doubles pattern, with the principles aligned to the shorter services line remaining the identical, the server is constrained to boundaries marked by the long service line.


Going forward, as when a rally is concluded and a position is gained, based on regardless of whether the point received has an odd or even nature, a participant shifts serving positions throughout his court docket. If the point won is odd, the consequent services is performed from the left-hand side of the courtroom, and if it is even, evidently the provider shall be supplied from the appropriate-hand aspect.

On the other aspect, for doubles, teammates shift concerning their two allocated quadrants, as details are won, adhering to the odd-even rule. Provided that, no opposition player shall acquire two consecutive solutions. And prior to all this, a very simple coin toss decides the particular person who is to perform the initial provider of the game.

As we have defined how one can rating a point, the following stage is to know how significantly one has got to go, in buy to get a match. A match is gained if a participant or a crew wins, the best of the three online games. A game is won following rallying for 21 points. The very first to attain the mark of 21, with a two-stage margin, issue profitable a activity. If the two gamers tally with 20 details each in the course of a video game, the rally for successful a match ought to keep on until the 30th position if possibly of the two gamers is unsuccessful in grabbing a two-place margin.

What is the history of badminton at the Olympics?

Considering that earning a beautifully orchestrated presence in Munich Olympics in the calendar year 1972, the activity deservedly built its debut amongst the significant Olympic programme in the 1992 Olympics. At any time given that the sport has received attractiveness during all continents. On a progressive class, from 1992 to the late 2010s, sheer athletic dominance was portrayed by the Asians. Bagging 69 from the 76 medals in the course of the class.

The Chinese nevertheless stall the leaderboard, locking the major 4 sites for most medals received, with Gao Ling as the all-time chief for successful the most medals at Olympics, with two gold, a person silver, and 1 bronze medal Fu Haifeng with two gold and a person silver Zhang Nan, Zhao Yunlei and the South Korean Kim Dong-moon slipping in among the the checklist at 5th, obtaining two golds and a person bronze each individual.

Till 2016, no female experienced prized the Olympic gold in singles event apart from an Asian. In Rio Olympics, it was upturned when Carolina Marin from Spain conquer India’s ever cherished PV Sindhu. Whoever witnessed the brawl, would shelve it as an epic amongst the two. From a bronze at the 2012 London Olympics, focused by Saina Nehwal, to an exalted Silver medal, by PV Sindhu, India has produced a decorated changeover in badminton. Ideally, we see much more pride and glitter from the dust that the stadiums of Tokyo shall concoct.

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