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5 Most Famous Championship Trophies in Sports

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5 Most Famous Championship Trophies in Sports
5 Most Famous Championship Trophies in Sports

Sports are there not just to provide us with quality and fun time, as they have a much deeper meaning. That is why we all have at least one sport we are fond of and at least one team we support. Now, just like with most other things in life, some sports stand out from the rest in terms of popularity, which is why we will further list the most famous championship trophies in sports.

1. NBA trophy

Source: nba.com

Even though football is the most popular sport in the world, basketball is the strong second place, and the biggest reason why we will start from this trophy is about the game and how much it has changed. Yes, the two biggest club basketball competitions in the world are the NBA and Euroleague, and even though playing in Europe gives a special vibe because of the fans, as they are much noisier, nothing can compare to the NBA. Everything from the high level of the organization, team preparation, games, and even rules are set so that one NBA game provides a true show to everyone who is at some arena. The players are yet another thing we simply cannot overlook because all the best basketball players are playing here, which also gives this league a special and unique vibe.

All of the things mentioned above are why the Larry O’Brien Trophy means so much in basketball, along with having a ring. Those fond of basketball understands pretty well how difficult it is for a player to go all the way in the NBA and get the ring, as even some of the biggest NBA names like Karl Malone and Charles Barkley don’t have one. Of course, this is a team sport, and one individual cannot win alone, especially in the Playoffs, when everything, from how better the defense is to how much more pressure players have, gets to a much higher level.

2. Wimbledon

Source: sportsnet.ca

Everyone into tennis knows that there are four great tournaments that stand out from the rest, the Australian Open, the French Open (Roland Garros), USA Open, and Wimbledon, but only the latter one means at least a bit more than the others. There is simply too much history involved at Wimbledon, and everything from the dress code for the players (must wear all white clothes) to the ambiance is at a much higher level and something you cannot find at any other place in the world. If you have ever stepped foot into this complex, you already know how just walking around the courts can bring chills to visitors, and that’s precisely what separates it from other tournaments.

In addition to this, only three tournaments are played on grass, as it is a special type of surface, and you simply cannot play on the grass during winter, for example. All these things are why tennis players and fans value Wimbledon much more than any other tournament, as even if it is not the most favorable tournament during the season, every player wants to be in London during July.

3. FIFA World Cup

Source: livemint.com

There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport worldwide, and thanks to that, there are many competitions we can enjoy, but there is one trophy that every football player dreams of holding. We are speaking about the FIFA World Cup trophy, or as it used to be called Jules Rimet Trophy. Its design is stunning as it represents two people that are holding an entire Earth, which is why it is a real global reward for a national team’s success. Although not big in size, the importance it has for the team and every supporter is more than great, and it is something every national team wants to have in their collection.

Playing for a national team is always something significant for every player, but what makes this reward so special? Well, the tournament is only once in four years, which means that only rare players have more than three chances of winning it. Besides that, winning means being the best national team in the world, which is a great honor. The Brazilian national team managed to do that most times, winning this tournament as many as five times.

4. Golf Champion Trophy

Source: golf.com

One of the biggest golf tournaments is held in Britain, and the story about the major prize is both interesting and fascinating. The name of this prestigious award is Claret Jug, and the model we know today dates back to 1928, while the previous model was awarded from 1872 to 1928, which is a lot of interesting history. What is even more interesting is its design, as it can be used for drinking, which many winners actually do before they need to return it back and get an identical replica to keep in their collection.

5. Commissioner’s Trophy

Source: franchisesports.co.uk

American people love baseball, and it is not a surprise, as it is the oldest sport in this country, which means there are already more than a hundred winners who have held this trophy in their hands. The design is not stunning, but it is surely well thought out, as this trophy is made of thirty flags (one for each team), baseball, and signs that represent the world. Holding it means becoming a part of the rich history, and it is something The Yankees have done 27 times until now.

Final thoughts

These trophies are awarded to winners of the world’s greatest competition, but there is no doubt that we can find many smaller ones easier to win, created by groups of friends. If you and your friends are competitive and want to bring your small competition to the next level, you will surely need a real trophy that the winner will keep and proudly show to everyone willing to hear the story. Of course, you can always make one on your own, but if you want to buy a real trophy, find here Eco Friendly Awards- all you need to do is to choose the one you like the most from the vast offer.

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