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Kerry Badminton champion ‘bought children for sexual gratification’ court hears

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A previous Kerry badminton champion who admitted purchasing youngsters from their mothers for his “sexual gratification” has been remanded in custody for sentencing up coming month.

immy Duggan (35), of Mountain Lodge, Annagh, Tralee, who is a perfectly acknowledged badminton participant in the Kingdom, pleaded guilty to 9 different rates, opposite to the Felony Legislation (Sexual Offences) Act 2017, before Tralee Circuit Courtroom sitting in Limerick.

Mr Duggan, a former grocery store manager who also labored in the agricultural field, admitted he “paid money” for “obtaining a youngster for the function of sexual exploitation” from women of all ages, which includes the children’s mothers, on different dates, in different places.

It is understood he fulfilled the women of all ages through on the web dating web sites, on social media, a classified advertisements web site, and paid out thousands of euro for photos and videos of children, and for making use of the children for his sexual enjoyment.

None of the ladies who profited from prostituting the young children to Mr Duggan can be named, in get to protect the identities of the little ones. All of the kid victims as nicely as their siblings have been taken into the treatment of the State.

Mr Duggan appeared right before the courtroom by way of online video-hyperlink, in custody from a prison exactly where he is getting held on remand on even further equivalent rates which he has also admitted. He admitted paying out the mother of a 7-calendar year previous girl to use the child “for the objective of sexual exploitation”, at an deal with in Kerry, on a dates between the 1/1/2019 and 29/9/2021.

He also pleaded guilty to paying out a different female to “obtain” the similar lady for the similar offence, at the exact locale, around the exact same dates, and that, he did, “for sexual needs, invited, induced, counselled or incited (the girl) to touch him” at the similar locale, around the exact dates.

He further more admitted two individual counts, that he “did intentionally engage in sexual activity” with the girl’s mother although the child “was current, for the goal of acquiring sexual gratification from the presence of a child”.

Mr Duggan admitted an supplemental a few counts of sexual assault of the female, opposite to Part 2 of the Prison Regulation (Rape) (Modification) Act 1990, as amended by Section 37 of the Sex Offenders Act, 2001, at the very same location, close to the exact same dates.

He also pleaded responsible that he “did communicate with another man or woman by implies of info and communication know-how for the function of facilitating the sexual exploitation” of the lady.

In a further unrelated situation, Mr Duggan and a girl are awaiting sentence after they earlier pleaded guilty to a whole of 6 costs of “knowingly creating and distributing little one pornography”.

The lady has also pleaded responsible that, on dates unknown, concerning July 19, 2015 and April 27, 2016, at an handle in Kerry, she did “sexually exploit a child”, who is her son, contrary to Segment 3 of the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act 1998.

The girl also admitted that, on March 20, 2016, at an handle in Kerry, she did “knowingly develop kid pornography in the sort of on-line textual content conversations in which the sexual assault of youngsters was reviewed with yet another party, for the needs of distribution, publication exportation, sale or show”.

She pleaded guilty to a even further demand of “knowingly producing and distributing child pornography for distribution, publication exportation, sale or show” on dates unfamiliar amongst July 19, 2015 and April 27, 2016, and, to “knowingly distributing” identical material for sharing, selling, or showing, on March 21, 2016.

In this scenario, Mr Duggan has beforehand pleaded responsible that, on April 28, 2016, at a site in Limerick, he “knowingly” had in his possession “child pornography” on his mobile cellular phone.

He has also admitted that on dates between July 19, 2015 and April 27, 2016, at an address in Limerick, he did “encourage or knowingly induce or facilitate any activity established out in the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act, 1988, for the function of distribution, publication exportation, sale or show”.

In a 3rd circumstance unrelated to the other two conditions previously mentioned, Mr Duggan and an additional female are awaiting sentence right after pleading guilty to fees relating to the sexual exploitation of small children in spots in Munster.

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