June 9, 2024


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Putin and Macron’s meeting become an instant meme

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A conference widely seen as devoid of substance generates humour.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin may perhaps not have manufactured headlines for achieving an arrangement to de-escalate the Ukrainian disaster, but the meeting did make a splash on the net for the many memes it generated.

Just after 5 hours of negotiations with Putin and analysts suggesting that the meeting was mostly a failure for Macron, the optics of the conference and the subtleties of diplomatic slights turned just one of the major talking details of the come upon.

1 regional observer summarised the assembly in stark phrases: “So Macron flew to Moscow, talked with Putin for in excess of 4 hrs, turned a meme and then listened to Putin threaten an all-out war and make a rape analogy about Ukraine?” 

Adhering to the assembly, Putin unsuccessful to get Macron to agree on ending NATO enlargement or de-escalating tensions.

Even with the seriousness of the conference, observers turned their awareness to the abnormally extended desk that the two leaders sat on.

“There is far more space between Macron and Putin than between the Russian troops and the Ukrainian borders,” quipped a person observer. 

Although some others turned the outsized table into a badminton court.

A further observer analysed body language declaring, “Macron’s work to get to out and operate out some thing with each other has not been reciprocated by Putin, who did anything to search bored and did not seem constructive at all at the press conference.” 

But maybe the major snub to Macron was at the airport where by the French president was not afforded a motorcade at his plane and in its place was forced to go by the terminal.

And in a further not-so-subtle reminder that Moscow was in no temper for supplying Macron the purple carpet procedure, it saved him ready for practically two several hours ahead of Putin was prepared to see him.

One more observer contrasted Putin’s frosty and socially distanced welcome of Macron, the two leaders didn’t shake arms, with the Russian president’s warm and cordial meeting only days earlier with Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Resource: TRT World

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